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  • Overseeing the daily operation of your Condominium
  • Main point of contact between owners, the Board, and contractors
  • We offer 24-hour emergency on-call support
  • Prepare and distribute meeting agendas, minutes, financials and the annual budget
  • Attend board meetings and the Annual General Meeting either virtually or in-person
  • Provide notice to owners in arrears, placement of caveats and other fiscally responsible services
  • Schedule planned and long-term maintenance with experienced contractors
  • Maintain the Corporation’s records, correspondence and contact lists
  • Enforce the Corporation Bylaws, as required
  • Educate owners on Condominium living and their responsibilities
  • Keep apprised of changes within the industry by attending CCI seminars and events
  • Provide and maintain a website with pass-word protected pages for each Condominium
  • Recommend ways to improve our efficiency in working together