Owner Email Authorization

Authorization & Acknowledgement

By submitting this form, I/We, the Owner(s) of the unit(s) listed herein expressly authorize the Condominium Corporation listed on this form (the "Corporation") to send any notice or correspondence required under the Bylaws, the Condominium Property Act, the Condominium Act, the Condominium Property Regulation, insurance policy, or as may otherwise be directed by the Board of Directors, to me/us at the email address listed below. It is futher acknowledged that I/We will check the email address regularly. Neither the Corporation nor its Board of Directors is responsible for spam filter settings or any other problems (electronic or otherwise) resulting in an email not being received or read by me/us. I/We accept full responsibility for providing any email address change to the Corporation in writing via email or letter, or by sumbitting another owner email authorization form.

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